If you are looking for commercial reform we are the right ones!

We know how important it is for you to build or renovate your commercial premises, so we offer the greatest security for your project.

We will be intermediary of your reform, we have an extensive database with the best contractors in construction and reform of commercial premises which guarantees the construction of your trade.

With VividCreations you will be sure that the construction will be carried out under the established conditions, the contractor will not have the full money until finishing and delivering the work.


Professional Contractors

We are intermediaries, with us you have guarantees that your work will be carried out under the established conditions. We freeze your payment and we are releasing it as the work is done, so you are assured that you will pay for what is already done. And if a contractor does not comply not only that he will not receive your payment but that we will answer for you, changing contractor or in legal instances if necessary.

Works in the construction or reform of its trade in all necessary instances


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Specifically, commercial projects have more requirements and characteristics, we recommend completing the following form and we will contact you to find out more details about your project and give you the right budget for your business.

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